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Faculty of Science consists of Department of College Mathematics, Department of College physics, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Department of Financial Mathematics, Department of Information and Computing Science, Department of Physics and Physics Lab Center. It has a center for post-doctoral studies in Control Science and Engineering, a doctoral program in Systems Engineering and 10 master’s programs in the fields of Fundamental Mathematics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Systems Engineering, Statistics, Physical Electronics, Optical Engineering, Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics, among which Systems Engineering is a provincial key discipline and Control Science and Engineering is a provincial key first-level discipline. It offers 5 undergraduate programs: Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Normal), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Sino-foreign cooperative education) and physics (Normal). Among them, mathematics-related programs are provincial key specialties, and Information and Computing Science is provincial feature specialty. In 2011, the Faculty launched a Sino-foreign cooperative program in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics by working with Arcadia University of America. At present, the Faculty has an enrolment of 859 undergraduates and 190 postgraduates and 16 post-doctoral students.

Faculty of Science is a presiding director unit of Zhenjiang Mathematical Association and Zhenjiang Physics Association. It boasts many academic institutes or research centers, such as the Center of Energy Development and Environmental Protection Strategy Research (also known as a Jiangsu Provincial-level Key College Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences), Nonlinear Scientific Research Center, Energy and Systems Engineering Research Center, Fundamental Mathematics Institute, Probability and Financial Mathematics Institute, Modeling and Control Institute, Biological Optics and Imaging Technology Research Center, Ultrasonic Testing Institute, Applied Physics Institute, College Physics Lab Center (also known as a Provincial Model Lab Center), Mathematical Modeling Laboratory and so on. It has edited two journals: International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Mathematics Education Research. The faculty has 160 faculty members, among whom there is one specially-appointed academician, 9 doctoral supervisors, 41 Master’s tutors and 70 professors and associate professors. Among them, many have won titles like China’s Excellent Teacher, State-level Excellent Youth Backbone Teacher and Provincial Excellent Educator. And some teachers have been selected as China’s Millions of Talents Project Person, the Second Ladder Person of Provincial “333” Project, Provincial “Qinglan Project” Academic Pacesetter and Provincial “Six Talent Booms” High-level Talents. Some have been awarded Chinese Academy of Sciences President Prize and Zhong Jiaqing Maths Prize. More than 20 domestic and overseas famous experts are appointed as adjunct professor.

Great achievements have been made in teaching and academic research, such as, 1 first prized and 1 second prize in Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievements Demonstration, 7 Provincial Excellent Courses and Quality Courses. Many students have been awarded first prizes at international, state-level and provincial level college competitions many times such as Advanced Mathematics Competition, Mathematical Modeling Competition, College Physics Competition and Technology Innovation Challenge Cup. In the past five years, more than 500 research papers have indexed by SCI and EI and more than 30 monographs have come out. Beside, the Faculty has undertaken over 45 research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and more than 30 projects funded by Jiangsu Province. Among them 1 project has won the first prize of Jiangsu Technology progress Award and 5 have won provincial-level second prizes. In 2009, the Faculty won the title of Jiangsu University SCI Academic Publication Model Unit. In 2010,it ranked top in Jiangsu University in terms of the total number of National Natural Sciences Foundation Projects. The Faculty has been developing a close cooperative relationship with many prestigious universities and institutes at home and abroad. In 2014, the Faculty was awarded Jiangsu University Internationalization Model Unit.

The past 5 years has witnessed the graduation of 295 postgraduates and nearly 800 undergraduates. 3 graduation dissertations have been awarded Provincial Excellent Postgraduate Dissertation, and 14 projects have been listed as Provincial Postgraduate Innovation Program. More than 10 students have won honor titles like Provincial Excellent Student Leader and Provincial Triple-A Student. About 100 graduates have been awarded Jiangsu University Excellent Graduates. Its employment rate hits a record high at 98%.

Address: Faculty of Science, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, P. R. China

Postal Code: 212013

Tel: +86-0511-88780161

Fax: +86-0511-88791128

E-mail: lixue@ujs.edu.cn

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